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Our Tender - OC Tender!

I'm super excited to announce that we will be getting an OC Tender 350! This tender is a foam and fiberglass tender, versus the typical inflatable rib like a Highfield that most cruisers use.

We like the OC Tender because it is fiberglass (no inflatabel sections), it's lightweight, it has a TON of buil-in storage, and you can use full-size wood oars!

The OC Tender is made in New Zealand, so it takes a bit to build and ship to the USA.

Today, I placed our 50% deposit on the OC Tender and will have it delivered to Ft Lauderdale in December, when (roughly) our Fountaine Pajot boat will be delivered from France.

The tender will be mounted on our davits, on the stern of our FP catamaran.

We will add a 20 horsepower engine to the tender, which will easily plane the boat off with 4-6 people, with gear, tools, and provisions.

We are looking forward to the arrival and production of our OC Tender!

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