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Anniversary, Boat Photos, 2019 Summer

June 26th. It's a big day in our family.

Natalie and I were married June 26, 2009. Ten years ago!! Wow, how time flies. But, we've filled it with many amazing memories.

So, on June 26, 2019, Natalie and I celebrated by visiting a local eatery in Rehoboth Beach, called The Back Porch. It's a cool spot, you sit up in the trees and the food is some good French type fare. It was nice for the two of us to get out sans kiddos and enjoy some time together!

Also, very cool on this day June 26, 2019...we got the first photos of the new Fountaine Pajot 45! It's the boat we have on order, and today it made its debut in Portugal. Luckily, some other FP 45 owners were in Portugal at the dealer meeting, and sent some photos of the new boat. It looks amazing! Very excited and pinching ourselves this boat will one day be ours..

We also are visiting Natalie's family in Rehoboth Beach this summer. We drove up mid-June and Natalie will stay until the end of July. The boys are enjoying their time in Rehoboth, visiting the boardwalk, playing games, swimming in the pool, and catching crabs.

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