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Annapolis Trip - 1st View of FP 45

Natalie and I headed to Annapolis, MD September 15th and 16th to meet up with the team at Atlantic Cruising Yachts, to get a first peek at the Fountaine Pajot 45.

We had a great time, touring the sites in Annapolis, which is a very cool town with good restaurants, bars, sailing, and boats. A water and boat lover's perfect city.

Some excellent food from our favorite restaurant, Boatyard Bar and Grill in Annapolis.

We also had a great time watching the boats in the Annapolis Harbor. Our room overlooked the Woodwinds charter boat and also Ego Alley.

Monday morning at 10:00am we visited the Atlantic Cruising Yachts office to see an FP 45 for the first time. It was very exciting! We talked about changes and upgrades and also reviewed the different fixtures and fittings to see how they compared to the preliminary drawings. Very impressed with how everything turned out, only a handful of items we will be changing or adding to the boat.

Our boat is set to deliver to Ft Lauderdale in December...very close and exciting!

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